Octodea is a Milwaukee-based partnership of independent professionals and small companies.

We believe that a partnership of this nature provides a great opportunity to enhance cooperation between local organizations and bring together unique skills for projects.

Octodea was formed in mid-2003. Our aim is to pool resources when necessary so that teams of independents can collaborate to compete with larger companies on projects that require a diverse range of talents.

This provides a unique scalable virtual agency. What does that mean for you? ROI! You get the best seasoned professionals (not interns or junior staffers) with minimal overhead and you pay for only what you need. Not the lavish offices, the senior partners' trip to the Bahamas, the receptionist or any of the other high overhead associated with traditional agencies.

All of our members have over 15 years of individual experience delivering superior marketing solutions. Current members' skills include software engineering, editors, project management and production, content development, print and Web design, content management systems development, videography, illustration, corporate identity, training, business theater, collateral material and much more.