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Swanson Print & Design LLC



Jason Swanson



Printing Services
Graphic "Business" Design
Project Management and Coordination



12414 N. 37th Way, Phoenix, AZ 85032









Client List:


Reinhart, Boerner, Van Deuren
Fox Network
CBS Television
NAI/MLG Commercial
Concepts in Advertising
Expo Displays
InterFaith Older Adult Programs
Milwaukee Public Television
Poco Loco Cantina



Jason earned his BFA from the University of Wisconsin and has been in the design and printing business for over seven years. He established Swanson Print and Design in 2002; a graphic business design and printing services company. His knowledge and expertise in the field allow him to offer his clients outstanding customer service, care, and satisfaction.

In 2003, he cofounded Octodea with an intent to bring together a strong marketing team that could meet the needs of a diverse client base. Jason is also the owner of the Wisconsin Fishing Guide, a fisherman’s guide to Wisconsin’s great fishing spots, and founded the Hmong Community Journal, focusing on the current news and events of Wisconsin’s Hmong community. He recently relocated to open a new office in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jason's goal is to make the business world a better looking and functioning place through design and production.

“Graphic business design makes work more functional and appealing to a business, to their target market, and to everyone else that comes across it. It is the brand, the look, the feel and the philosophy of a company that is conveyed through this visual message” – -Jason Swanson